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FIB Academy Toscana and OriOra®: a new partnership in the Italian beverage world

The new year opens with new and stimulating collaborations for the Italian Barman Federation and in particular for the Academy of Tuscany. In fact, among the Academy’s partners is OriOra®, an innovative Tuscan company that offers the perfect drink for bartenders and the world of mixology: VESOU, the only natural cocktail base with 100% sugar cane juice.

OriOra® is a young brand, developed and produced in Italy with all the guarantees and reliability of Made in Italy. Among its products, VESOU stands out, the drink dedicated exclusively to barmen, perfect for making delicious and original cocktails: a natural and refreshing mix, extraordinarily rich in Vitamin C.

Sugar cane is cold pressed in the OriOra® plant to guarantee quality, freshness and authenticity, while maintaining the main characteristics unaltered.

The packaging is designed specifically for the barman’s needs: the bottle is made of glass, compact and easy to handle, and on the label there is a convenient measuring cup for measuring the product directly from the bottle. An innovative product capable of making every cocktail appetizing and appetizing, ideal for creating new recipes but also for adding that extra touch to even the most popular drinks.

The “VeganOK” and “Gluten Free” guarantees make it suitable for meeting the needs of every consumer, without sacrificing taste.

How is the partnership between FIB Toscana and OriOra® born?

This interesting collaboration stems from the synergy of objectives and interests among the Italian Barman Federation, a constantly growing reality, in search of innovative and quality Made in Italy brands and with particular attention to local and 0 km products and the enterprising Tuscan brand OriOra®, determined to offer the originality of its sugar cane based products throughout Italy.

OriOra® becomes OFFICIAL SUPPORTER of the Tuscany section of FIB, a reference point in the beverage sector for institutions, companies, the world of education and training.

The Federation’s goal is the spread of conscious drinking, education for the barman profession and the organization of events and competitions throughout Italy.

During the lessons, the students of the Academy Tuscany will learn to make two original cocktails that will have Vesou as the protagonist, and will receive the free product to try.

OriOra® will follow the Academy in all stages of the numerous events planned in Tuscany with dedicated flyers, brochures, product display and great visibility guaranteed both during events and online.

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